Rules Andalucía Golf Challenge 2021


1. Players over 18 years old with a valid RFEG license or recent handicap certificate issued by the Handicap Authority of their country of residence may participate.

2. The Circuit consists of qualifying events and a Final which is accessed by ranking.

3. The current Golf Rules and the local Rules of the Club in which each event is held and applicable on the date of its celebration shall apply.

4. In each qualifying round of the Circuit, two indistinct categories will be established, the first will reach hcp 14.4 and the second will start at 14.5. In the Final, the categories will be established by splitting approximately the total number of players into 2 halves.

5. The exact handicap will be limited to 26.4 for gentlemen and 30 for ladies, reducing those who are superior to this handicap.

6. The format will be individual stableford.

7. Buggies are allowed.

8. The score in the ranking is obtained by points for results and by points for participation.

9. For the qualifying events 3 zones are established: Costa del Sol (includes Malaga and Mediterranean Cadiz), the rest of Andalusia and the rest of Spain.

10. Points for result and participation: For each of the two categories, the following scaling of points is established according to the position in the classification: 2nd 12; 3rd 10; 4th 8; 5th to 10th 2; 11th and following 1 point. In the rest of Andalusia, 1 extra point will be added, in the rest of Spain 2 extra points will be added. The scratch prize is not cumulative and has priority over the handicap prize.

11. The scratch winner and the winners of each category of each qualifying round will participate in the Final, plus the highest ranked players in the ranking until 80 players are completed. If anyone could not play, the right would go to the next classified in the ranking. The number of participants in the Final may be expanded by the Circuit Committee. In case of ties, the priority will be for the lowest handicaps.

12. For the ranking the best 6 results will be taken into account.

13. In each qualifying event there will be special prizes for the ball closer to the flag and others where appropriate.

14. Players who participate in tournaments on consecutive days in the same course will only be counted as valid for qualification and prizes corresponding to the first day, the second day being out of tournament.

15. Cancellations are accepted 72 hours in advance.

16. The Committee reserves the right to make starting times in order of handicap in the qualifying phase. Requests from one player to play paired with another player may also be considered, but requests to form full four-player flights will not be accepted. In the final, the players will be grouped by strict handicap order.

17. In the final, the first two classified of each category (or subsequent classified in case of not being able to make the trip on the scheduled dates) and the winner scratch (or following, in case of not being able to make the trip in the scheduled date of the classified) will have as a prize an all-inclusive golf trip to the Riviera Maya (Mexico) offered by Grupo Piñero, Bahia Principe. The courses of PGA Riviera Maya, Mayakoba El Camaleón and Playa Paraíso will be played. The scratch award has priority over the handicap award.

18. The Final is scheduled for Saturday 2 nd October at Marbella Club. The inscription fee for the Final includes the dinner at El Gamonal restaurant in Marbella..

19. The planned dates for the trip to Riviera Maya are from 6 th to 14 th November 2021.

20. The Committee reserves the right to modify these Rules, in which case it will be published on the website of the Andalucía Golf / España Golf magazine and in the Golf Club where the tournament is played.

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